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You Deserve The Best, You're Worth it!

 Finding the Best Laser Tattoo Removal Las Vegas can be a bit confusing now. I hope Our website helps you make a good decision. When I first started our company right here in Las Vegas in 2002, only one a handful of Clinics in the US were doing Laser Tattoo Removal. And, there were only  2 Lasers To Choose from to buy.

 Fast Forward 19 yrs later, It seems like every few months ,New clinics Open Their Doors,  All claiming to be "Experts" or, "#1 In Las Vegas" , or other outrageous claims . Posting their phony reviews, I.E.  (Family members, Friends, Professional Yelpers etc.)  to build a reputation quickly, without earning it. Nothing Bothers me more than a brand new tattoo removal businesses claiming to be "Experts" or "Best in Vegas" How is that possible?, They have never ,ever removed a single tattoo !

 To Make matters worse, Laser manufacturers have been reduced to making unproven claims , without any proof. Many practitioners who were tricked into purchasing "Picosure" lasers, are now in a class action lawsuit against Cynosure. Makers of "Picosure"

    The pictures Shown ,are my clients results taken here in our office. The equipment we used is the best and most powerful in the business.  We only use F.D.A Approved, U.S.A. Built lasers.  We have worked  with every major (U.S.)  laser manufacture these last 19 yrs. If a laser doesn't perform, or if it causes skin damage , it doesn't last here.

   Tattoo Removal Is the only procedure I performed here. We must do it right, to still be in business.  If you really want the best laser results, without any scars, and complete removal,  You have found the right place.

  Tattoo Removal For Most, Is Once in a Lifetime Experience. I Sincerely Hope That You Do it Right.

                               And, Do it Right Here With Us!     

          We look forward to meeting you.   We are open 7 days a week.   Children are always welcome .

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